Layout of conference posters

Layout of conference posters is an art. What appears at poster sessions usually doesn't come with an attractive and original layout, on the contrary, such collection of posters looks often extremely boring. A poster with a fresh look can really stand out and get attention. After nearly 30 years of making posters I know the tricks of the trade. Most posters suffer from a surfeit of data, which is detrimental for such a volatile medium. Drop that heavy table, that long block of text or complex figure, and stick to the essence of your message. A visually appropriate eyecatcher can do miracles. I create an original arrangement of text and illustrations in a balanced composition, with a splash of color here and there. Each poster has its own, unique layout.

A short manual for Conference Poster Design

Examples (click on the thumbnail to open the pdf)

poster 722 A curious case of thoracal pain

poster 835 When mother nature takes your breath away

poster 753 Gluten enteropathy presenting as kidney stones

poster 738 Facebook can be used to screen for risk of chronic kidney disease

poster 697 Intestinal malabsorption

poster 735 Paclitaxel