Layout of print

A flyer or brochure, application forms, and invitation or advertisement, a birth announcement or greeting card, business cards or reply card, poster or roll-up banner ... you name it: I'm ready to make something special.

An unusual arrangement, proper typography, an interesting color combination, a surprising picture crop ... I keep on designing until you really like it.

In addition to the printed version there is always a digital version, usually in pdf.

Examples: click on the thumbnail to open the pdf

Openingsfeest Poster opening party Esperanto Antwerp

Trouwfeest Invitation wedding party

Nierpas Kidney-pass: foldable fill-in card
Samen op weg naar minder Poster "Together for less" (about psychotropic drugs in nursing homes)

10 vragen over alcohol Folder "10 things to know about over alcohol"

DUR Promotion flyer for book on drug utilisation research

Taalopleidingen Flyers for language courses in Antwerp: 14 languages; examples shown

Alicefonds Roll-up banner Alicefonds

Elke Brochure for artist Elke Matthijs

Hugin Mugin Brochure Hugin Mugin Research

thuisverpleging Business cards home nursing

Fixatie Survey forms hospital fixation

Slaaponderzoek UZA Poster sleep research

Wenskaart Season's greetings

Huwelijkskaart Wedding card