Layout of meetings

Are you organizing a symposium, conference, seminar, workshop, annual meeting ...?
Whatever you call it, it should look good, featuring a strong and recognizable face.
I can take care of that. In close cooperation, I design the layout of your meeting.
I choose, create and optimize images supported by clear typography and graphic elements.

The design of the meeting is consistently implemented in:

Finally, at the meeting itself, I can take care of a professional photo shoot, including a group photo.

Below a few examples: click on the thumbnail to open the pdf

Meeting BASS 2019 BASS Spring Meeting 2019 Brussels (Belgian Association for Sleep research and Sleep medicine)

minisymposium Antwerp-Gent Minisymposium 2018

Meeting BASS 2017 BASS Spring Meeting 2017 Antwerp

Meeting ISMC ISMC 2017 (International Sleep Medicine Course)

Nephrocalcinosis Minisymposium Nephrocalcinosis

Meeting BASS 2016 BASS Autumn Meeting 2016 Brussels

Meeting BASS 2015 BASS Spring Meeting 2016 Bruges

Meeting CAPRI CAPRI (Collaborative Antwerp Psychiatric Research Institute)

meeting ESPACOMP ESPACOMP (European Society for Patient Adherence, Compliance and Persistence)

Eurodurg EuroDurg (European Drug Utilization Research Group)

meeting EVF European Venous Forum